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The new streaming platform where indie filmmakers meet film lovers. Created by two filmmakers, Marc and Nihat, our platform showcases the work of talented, up-and-coming filmmakers from around the world, offering a diverse selection of unique and engaging films that you won’t find on any other streaming service. Let’s build a GREAT community and experience together!

Frequent Asked Questions

To create an account is very simple, just check out this post with pictures step-by-step.


Check out this page to see how tocustomise  your profile.


Please follow this guide to learn how to upload your films.


When  you upload your film, under the thumbnail you will see, sell content area, check out this picture. You can set up the price and expiration date, in hours. 


That’s straight forward. You keep 92% of the revenue from your film. 8% is for transaction fees. If we find a solution 0% transaction fees, you will keep 100%.

We want filmmakers to keep all revenue from selling their films 🙂


Only the Copyright owner can upload films. 


Maximum upload file size: 3,175 MB
Allowed Formats: mp4, m4v, webm, ogv, flv

Full HD, 720 HD, 360.

High and Medium Bitrate recommended.


You own everything. You only grant us to show in this platform and promote your film online and offline. You own your account, so, you can add or remove content as you wish.


We use Bunny CDN as a content delivery platform. A service like Amazon AWS. When you remove your content, also is removed from Bunny.


Indie Film Tube only allows content related to indie films and micro/ no- budget films and filmmakers. All genres welcomed!  No adult or illegal films please.

Films, short films, documentaries, mini series, animation,  interviews, trailers, films reviews, showreels and any kind of creative video related to indie films world.


To convert your “filmies” to cash, you need to go to the settings on your profile, select the “withdraw” option, enter your details, and submit your withdrawal request. Please note that it may take 1-2 days to process your request.

Please note that there is a minimum withdrawal amount of 50 “filmies.”


We always looking to improve the experience in the platform. So, if you have any suggestion, please use this form and let us know! 

If you need help to create, upload and/or sell content, please hit me up at admin@indiefilmmstube.com. I can help you by email or video call 😉


Indie Films Tube Promotion: Upload your short film and receive 5 Filmies for each! For feature films, receive 25 Filmies. Limit of 2 short films and 2 feature films per person. Please note, if films are deleted, Filmies will be returned to the admin. All content must comply with Indie Films Tube’s terms and conditions. Please allow 24 hours to transfer filmies. You have to complete your profile at least with a picture and description and MUST be the copyright owner.


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